She is much faster than lots of other models at picking up what is needed of her, which was very surprising for me, as she can’t hear. But somehow she has the 6th sense of knowing when to turn and when to change position, and what is the best angle for a particular outfit.
— Kay Korsh, EIC Schön!
She was so in tune with every minimal signal I was giving, verbal, facial and physical, that her response to directions felt almost telepathic. It is almost every her ability to do something as you think it, before you are consciously sending a message. Regarding her deafness, it is a real asset.
— Diego Indraccolo, Photographer
With her demure glamour and unforgettable charm, Carola Insolera is set to cause a storm in the world of modelling. Shot for our exquisite Lanvin shoot, we were enchanted by Carola’s graceful beauty and flawless style. Eager to work with Carola again, we invited her back for our dramatic Acne shoot where she fluently channelled her inner grunge.
— Browns, London fashion boutique
She truly is an agent of love
— Dvora, Photographer
As a concept image we decided to bring together our favourite designer with our favourite model of the year, Ms Carola Insolera, to create an image that encapsulates the Anomalous ethos.
— Anomalous Visuals, AD agency
Carola is very flexible with her body and can do positions which other models wouldn’t be able to suggest.
— Kay Korsh, EIC Schön!
She really is quite the inspiration!
— Lesley de Freitas, Designer